Saturday, November 13, 2004

Podcast1024: Square Trance by Churzkia Jrakavla

This podcast is some music that I found while searching through the collection of microtonal music put up on the web by Andrew Heathwaite. Andrew points to the intriguing band called "A Name Unlikely to Lead to a Record Deal", which is of course Churzkia Jrakavla.

The piece we will hear today is Square Trance, which combines my two favorite musical characteristics, microtonality and Csound. As Churzkia describes it in his note to me:

"Square Trance" mixes elements of a country hoedown and Trance music, yielding a sort of electronic square dance. It uses a versatile twelve-tone microtonal scale I discovered about ten years ago (more information on the scale). The piece modulates as it accelerates, triggering subtle coloristic shifts in the ear and mind of the listener. I composed this piece with Cakewalk and used Csound for engineering aspects (the MIDI file generated by Cakewalk functioned as my score).

If you want to hear the podcast directly, click here to listen or add this RSS feed to your iPodder or Doppler download window.

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