Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Podcast1024: Revenge of the Inorganic Compounds by Igliashon

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Today's piece is by Igliashon, who writes as City of the Asleep Music at Soundclick.com. He also posts comments to the Yahoo Groups called Make Micro Music, where I get most of the music I podcast here at Podcast1024. Here's what Igliashon had to say about today's piece, written in 22 tone to the octave equal temperment:

Check out "revenge of the inorganic compounds". Decatonic [mostly, except for some Superpyth in the interlude] Metal to the EXTREEEM!!!! with some really f'ed up compound meters. Not quite the level of Mr. Stearns' work, but I'm getting there ;->. Comments highly encouraged.


Comments from MakeMicroMusic at Yahoo Groups

Dave Seidel said: "Cool stuff, Ig! Keep doing it. My favorite part is the shredding ... when the second guitar joins in. Is the guitar all real-time?

"It is!" says Igliashon.

Daniel Anthony Stearns said: "Nice job mister Jones, more in this style please ."

Danny Wier said: "Oy vey! That was fun, really"

Joe Monzo said: "this is some crazy shit. i love it!"

Jonathan Szanto said: "Igs,

Bonus! Might not be too late for you guys to open for U2 and gain micro-exposure. Killer stuff."

Aaron Krister Johnson

"Fantasic--I'm glad you're going in that direction. I'm not a metal fan per se, but I'll like anything more if it has a micro-slant. This was thoroughly enjoyable; some of your best and most intricate work to date!"

All I can say is: "What he said!"

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